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Neighborhood and Barcelona

The origins of Cornella de Llobregat are romanesques (Cornelianus), with about 87,000 inhabitants, which makes it the most populated city in Baix Llobregat area. Cornella de Llobregat is excellently connected as you can read in our Connectivity and Mobility section; Its strategic position as a way of entering and leaving Barcelona and due to its proximity to the airport and port of Barcelona and to certain key infrastructures, has lead to its growth in recent decades.

Our neighborhood is the most historic, but at the same time modern in Cornella de Llobregat, it is a residential neighborhood, where in less than 5 minutes walking you have a variety of options, from the Splau shopping mall, to multiple shops, the best cinemas, a variety of bars and restaurants, fresh product market and supermarkets, pharmacies, first division soccer stadium, gyms, sports hall, tennis courts and swimming pool. We also have within our reach the Llobregat river and the agrarian park of the Llobregat delta.

Last but not lest, Barcelona, ​​what to say about Barcelona, ​​one of the most cosmopolitan and famous cities in the world, just 15 minutes from the apartments, whatever your concerns, hobbies or tastes, you will find the perfect alternative in Barcelona. Historical and cultural visits, sports activities, gastronomy. nightlife, shopping,…if you want some tips please do let us know and we would be more than pleased to help